7 Easy Woodworking Projects For All Levels

7 Easy Woodworking Projects For All Levels

Doing easy woodworking projects is one of the best ways to test your skills. Whether you are a beginner or have been making woodworking projects for many years, these woodworking ideas will help you improve your skills and create wonderful crafts. Here are some easy woodworking projects for you to try:

Circle Wood Shelf

You can try making a circular wood shelf. Aside from having a place where you can put your stuff, you will also have a decorative item that you can display in your room. They come in several different designs from simple to complex. Here are a few examples:

Simple Wood Circular Shelf

Black Wood Circular Shelf



Hanging Planter

Use a jigsaw to make your own wooden hanging planter. You will have a place where you can display your plants and flowers.

Wooden Planters Hanging On Rope 3 Wood Grain Hanging Planters

Side Table

Do you need a side table, but you don’t have enough money to buy one? Why don’t you just make your own table? You are free to determine the table’s size and design.

Easy to make wooden side table Side table made of wood


Utensil Organizer

How about making your own utensil wooden drawer organizer? It is a great way to keep your things organized and improve your woodworking skills at the same time.

Wooden utensil drawer organiser

Office Supply Tray

You will have an easier time finding and accessing your office supplies if you put them in one place. Making an office supply tray from a few pieces of wood can help you do just that.

made from wood office supply traySaw Horse

A saw horse is very beneficial particularly if you are planning to do many woodworking projects. Make two of these and you’re on your way to making a nice wooden work bench.

wooden saw horse table Wooden Spoon

You can try making your own spoon. Wooden spoons are not only a great cooking tool, but also an excellent personalized gift.

4 DIY Spoons

Finishing a DIY project offers a certain sense of satisfaction that you won’t get from other activities. Learning how to use the hammer, nails, saw and other tools and looking at the finished product feels exciting. You don’t need to worry about making complicated crafts as you can start with easy woodworking projects first. When you gain more skills, you can start doing more complicated projects.