saltbox shed plans

Saltbox Shed Plans

salbox shed plans

saltbox shed plan

saltbox shed

A saltbox shed is characterized by a short slanted roof on the front and a long slanting roof on the back. Different door locations on the end wall or the tall wall allow you to easily access the shed and place it in a way that best suits your garden or yard. One of the best benefits of the shorter roof is reduced snow piling as most of the snow slides off the shed’s back side. It reduces the amount of snow that falls from the roof in front of the shed. You can also use a saltbox shed as a greenhouse. Simply install translucent roofing on the larger side of the roof and place a greenhouse work table under this roof. You can use this table for holding potted plants. There are different saltbox shed foundation plans to choose from.

Concrete Pier

This is ideal when you have to build your shed on a slanting area, you can build the shed flooring over concrete piers. With this, one side of the shed can be higher than the other.

Wood Rail

The wood rail foundation consists of two wood rails (pressure treated) that sit directly above a flattened bed of crushed gravel.

Concrete Slab

Concrete might be more expensive than the other options, but it is a good way to get solid flooring that is robust enough to hold anything that can be fitted in the door.

You can find saltbox shed plans to make it easier for you to build a saltbox shed. Determine the amount of storage space you need, the building requirements of the local building department and homeowners association as well as the location, design and cost of the shed. You can search the internet for inspirations or read books that have samples of saltbox shed plans. These plans cover every part of the building, so you will have an easier time building a saltbox shed.