6 Easy to Make Woodworking Projects that Sell

6 Easy to Make Woodworking Projects that Sell

Woodworking projects that sell can be an excellent source of income for anyone. Aside from doing what you love, you are also earning money. You can focus on doing one item or create various woodwork pieces such as cradles, tables and children’s toys. Here are some projects that a woodworker can try at home:

Picture Frames

DIY Picture frame

You can make simple wooden picture frames or try creating more complex designs. Picture frames will always be in demand. You can also experiment with even more interesting designs, so that way you can explore your creative side.


Wooden Bookcase

Bookcases don’t go stale. You can make bookcases of different sizes and styles. Aside from providing a place where you can keep various small items, bookcases are also great for displaying artifacts.

Baby Cribs

DIY Baby Cribs

Baby cribs are popular when it comes to children and baby furniture. Children and babies need chairs, beds, tables and a few other wooden items that you can DIY for them. A wooden crib will always be a top priority. Pay attention to the quality and safety of the crib and use only high quality materials. You can make children and baby furniture in your workshop. Just remember all measurements and details have to meet a high quality standard.

Wooden Toys

DIY Wooden Toys

Wooden toys have become a novelty in most markets. These toys are popular and can be sold for a good price. Wooden toys are considered safe and longer lasting than toys crafted from other materials. Parents are willing to pay a good amount to get a high quality wooden toy. You have to make sure that the toy is durable and safe to use.


DIY Wooden Birdhouses

There are a lot of small woodworking projects that you can do for gardens such as birdhouses. People are willing to pay premium prices for high quality birdhouses.

Wooden Chests

DIY Wooden Chest

Wooden chests are excellent display items and storage tools. They can be used for storing books, blankets and other items.Sometimes they can even serve as coffee tables or even used for sitting.